Protecting Kids Online

How To Protect Your Children While They're Online

Now that the school holidays have finally started, children have all the time in the world to spend with their best friend: Technology.

Waking early to sneak in a couple hours of Minecraft, Roblox, YouTube or XboxÖgrabbing their ëeducationalí iPad and Facetiming a friendÖsending emails and textsÖitís open season during school holidays!

Not just the younger children, but teenagers too.

To be honest, as an adult, we really have no idea whatís cool or what theyíve been introduced to at school. Theyíre digital natives and use it in ways we would never dream of.

All we know is that theyíre going to using their devices and we wonít be able to watch them every second of the day. Plus of course, no matter how many Cyber-Safety talks theyíve had, how many times they can parrot the rules back, theyíre children and they donít always stop to think.

  • They donít realize certain search terms might not be such a great idea
  • They trust they are messaging other children
  • And they would rather not limit themselves to 2 hours per day

Protect your Children with Parental Control Software

A Parental Control Software (PCS) package is essentially an internet filter for children. It takes all the icky, inappropriate things online and blocks your child from accessing them, seeing them or even knowing they exist.

Adults can override and disable the software easily, so their own experience is unchanged and unmonitored.

As an added bonus, Parental Control Software can also be used to put time limits on internet usage, or even log all online activity. While you may not feel the need to review the logs on a daily basis, they can be vital in identifying cyber bullying, sexting, or inappropriate relationships. Parents around the world credit these logs with saving their childís mental health, and occasionally, their life.

The best time to install Parental Control Software is now, before your children become comfortable with unrestricted access, and before they see things they shouldnít.

Give us a call to set your computer up with Parental Control Software today.

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